Firma no.
The fertilizer spreader is a modern machine which is manufactured in two types as hydraulic type and trailed type with two discs, hydraulic control and PTO shaft. This type seeding machine is used for high quality, large area, high efficient planting operation of equipment, mainly used for farmland tillage seeding also recommended before, till after farming and pasture, pasture seed manure mixed seeding, snowmelt agent after seeding and other assignments. 
Model  FER-400 FER-600 FER-800
Length 1000 mm 1450 mm 1500 mm
Height 1000 mm 1300 mm 1400 mm
Weight 100 kgs  140 kgs  150 kgs
Fertilizer Capacity 400 kgs  600 kgs 800 kgs
Working Width 20-25 mt 20-25 mt 20-25 mt
Number of Wings  6 pcs 6 pcs  6 pcs 
Tractor Power  35-45  HP  45-55  HP  45-55 HP 
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