Banana Tree Shredder

Firma no.
Shredder Machine: Tractor operated (PTO-Driven) farm waste shredder. It converts all farm wastes (dry & wet) like banana pseudo stream, coconut frond ,Tapioca stem, Branches of the drumstick tree... ect into small pieces which may be easily decomposed. This type of shredders is available at easy installation with safety procedures. Minimum maintenance required and easy to adopt with high performance and durability along with the tractor.
Model  BTS-700
Length 1370 mm
Width 1060 mm
Height  1400 mm
Weight 350  kgs
Blade  4 Pcs
Feeding Mouth Sizes Height 5300 mm- Length 730 mm
Feeding  Free Fall
Working Cpacity Max.9 cm/Banana and Palmie up to 26 cm
Bales Sizes  36 X 46 X 135 CM
Tractor Power  35 Hp
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